Inner Journey Experience

For more than 20 years, with the discovery of Frida Kahlo's Diary and its first edition, to this day, La Vaca Independiente has had a subtle and gradual revelation, not only of its contribution as a work of art itself , as an object of artistic pictorial and literary value, but as a vehicle of self-knowledge, revealing once again and through other media and languages, the power of art as a way of personal creation and transformation.

Using as frames of reference concepts studied by neuroscience, the inner journey experience is born as an invitation to creative reflection to resignify personal narratives through different platforms inspired by the content in Frida Kahlo's Diary.

We offer the experience in three different formats: online, self-guided and in presence.

Online Retreat: 21 days with Frida

Using The Intimate Notebook Inspired by Frida Kahlo as curriculum, participants in will "gather" across different geographies to share time and intentional internal focus. A guide will take them through 2.5 hrs through exercises and activities to lend structure to their inner exploration for wellness and creation.

Self Guided

Begin your own diary. Write your ideas, revisit your thoughts, draw your memories, let your creativity flow and amaze yourself with your own conclusions. We suggest this as a 5 week journaling program.


The workshop offers a gateway to the creative exploration process, through exercises to clear, rest and observe the mind, activities of introspection and use of the imagination.


This workshop can be carried out in cultural spaces, institutions and museums as part of public programs linked to exhibitions related to Frida Kahlo, with 2 and 4 hour formats. It is also open to foundations, mediators of cultural spaces and  general public with personalized designs, focused on the objectives of each group.

Currently not available due to COVID-19

About the Intimate Notebook

Publisher: La Vaca Independiente

Edition: First Edition, 2018

Languages: English and Spanish

Size: 18 x 26 cm

Binding: Soft cover

Pages: 176

ISBN-10: 6079604264

ISBN-13: 978-6079604264

Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo

Claudia Madrazo

With the sensitibity and genius of an artist, Frida Kahlo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and liberation in her Diary. She built this haven using images and words, integrating multiple forms of expression: free association of ideas, doodles, collages, drawings, paintings, poems, letters, descriptions and short stories from her own life.

Inspired by the Diary, La Vaca Independiente also publishes Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo, with the intention of offering this space of self awareness through art to the reader. This book does not intend by any means to be a technical art book. It is an invitation to reflect and to explore personal renewal through being creative.

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