The Diary

Frida Kahlo's diary covers the last 10 years of her life, specifically the period from 1944 to 1954, which she began to write in her own handwriting at 36.

The book is the masterpiece of her writing and at the same time an open work1. This complex, synesthetic and polyphonic object is an experimental hybrid that groups a plurality of signs: calligraphy, self-portraits, letters, numbers, automatic drawings, spots, pre-Hispanic and oriental symbols, as if you wanted to collect in that kind of album-book, apart from the ultimate will of the author, everything significant of a lifetime.

1. Eco, U. (1979). Obra abierta. Barcelona: Ariel

Publisher: La Vaca Independiente

Edition: First edition, 2018

Languages: English and Spanish

Size: 180 x 260 mm

Binding: Soft cover

Pages: 224

ISBN-10: 6079767805

ISBN-13: 978-6079767808

The Diary of Frida Kahlo. A New Perspective

To commemorate the 20 years of the first publication of El Diario de Frida Kahlo, A New Perspective is born, as a special edition that contains the facsimile, as well as texts by Karen Cordero Reiman, historian and art critic, and Eduardo Casar, Doctor of Letters, academic and writer, who propose new and refreshing readings about this masterpiece.

It is a book manufactured with particular care in its physical attributes, highlighting the physical qualities and attributes of the original document. The wide-leaf design facilitates reading and generates a more intimate experience with the reader, which makes it an excellent reference material and a great header book.

The Diary of Frida Kahlo. A New Perspective is an invitation to see and read this volume through new eyes, to find in it new meanings and to discover the keys to explore the art of being and existing in silence.

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Publisher: La Vaca Independiente

Edition: First Edition, 2008

Languages: English and Spanish

Size: 16 x 24 cm


BindingHard cover with book jacket

Pages: 296

ISBN-10: 9687559101

ISBN-13: 978-9687559100

The Diary of Frida Kahlo.

An Intimate Self-Portrait

This hardcover facsimile edition of Frida Kahlo’s Personal Diary has sold hundreds of thousands of copies internationally and has been translated into multiple languages since 1994. The work reproduces the diary of the Mexican painter and has a special section with the transcription of its content. It is complemented by an essay by Sarah M. Lowe about the importance of these memories in Frida Kahlo’s work and in art history in general, as well as a series of comments on the images that make up the journal. The introduction of the work is a contribution of the prestigious Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes.

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